There is no doubt that our bodies prefer mineral water, but the case is not the same with our appliances and pipes. Too many minerals in the water can lead to the sticking of limescale.

The hardness causing minerals like calcium and magnesium can clog and damage the pipes and appliances. The best solution for the hardness of water is to get a water softener.

People get concerned about the fact that salt-based water softeners are pretty expensive to buy and are also high maintenance.

They filter your water perfectly but other than that there are no particular benefits. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution that is also easy and approachable, we have the perfect thing for you.

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If your water has taste impurities and a lot of minerals, then you should consider getting an Aqua-Pure AP904 Whole House Water Filtration System.

The experts at 3M have carefully constructed this system that has advanced carbon filtration technology that reduces chemical contaminants to a great extent.

It has a salt-free, polyphosphate-based mineral control system that doesn’t allow the minerals to build up in the pipes and appliances.

Here is everything that you need to know about the great 3M Aqua-Pure.


3M Aqua-Pure — Best Inline Whole House Water Filter

The Aqua-Pure AP904 is the ideal choice for a whole house water filtration system. It is installed at the entry point of your house.

It treats every drop of water that enters from any tap in your house. It is capable of trapping particle that are even five microns, one-tenth of the human hair.

It removes all the chemicals and minerals that might affect the taste or odor of the water. It keeps the minerals suspended in the water by using the scale inhibition system, which prevents them from collecting in the fixtures.


The system is made of the most durable material which is stainless steel and it has one replaceable charcoal filter.

It has a capacity of 100,000-gallons, so you’ll only need to change the cartridge once a year.

All the changes that you’ll require for maintenance are tool-free and easy to do. You can either do it yourself or hire a plumber to do the job. This model is considered the best among the others in the market right now.

  • The robust flow of water doesn’t affect the water pressure.
  • The mineral inhibition system prevents the scale build up in your appliances and pipes.
  • It requires the least amount of maintenance.
  • It needs tool-free quick replacements.
  • Lightweight and compact design that can fit in tight places. 
  • The scale inhibition system might not be as effective in performing as a softener when the water is unusually hard.


Top Aqua-pure 3M Water Filter Q&A


Q: Is it difficult to change the filter?

A: No absolutely not! All the filter changes are tool-less and among the easiest in the industry. Just necessary knowledge of plumbing is required. No tools or any hand contact with messy used cartridges is needed.


Q: How is the feature of scale inhibition superior to a water softener?

A: salt or sodium is used by water softeners so they can trap the minerals present in the water that cause hardness. Then the minerals are flushed away. The AP904 doesn’t exactly remove the minerals from the water but use polyphosphate in small quantities to bind hardness minerals. This prevents the minerals from sticking to the surfaces of the pipes and the appliances.


Q: Can a non-professional install the AP904?

A: Yes, it can be easily installed, but because this is an inline filter that needs to be connected to your main water line, a cutting pipe is required. The rest of the task is easy, you just need a few in house tools or you can also get the help of a professional.


Aqua-Pure 3M Filter Performance Features


Contaminants Filtered

The Aqua-Pure water filter removes all the solid contaminants like rust, dirt and dust down to five microns.

It has the capability of removing up to 90-percent of residual chlorine and all the other strong chemicals that might affect the taste and odor of the water. We can guarantee that you will enjoy drinking tap water again.


Flow Rate

Filtering water requires some investment, and that can cause the water pressure to be too low. To address the issues of a medium-sized family, stream rate — estimated in gallons with every minute — ought to be sufficient to deal with a few applications immediately.

If cleaning up and filling an espresso maker at the kitchen sink each takes 3 gallons per minute, the AP904’s energetic 10–20 gallon each moment stream rate ought to be a lot to meet everybody’s needs.


Micron Rating

Pores — estimated in microns — decide the biggest size molecule that can go through a water filter.

Channels with micron evaluations of under-five eliminate more pollutants including microscopic organisms, however, the stream rate is slower, and cartridges can clog rapidly.

Except if you have well water and need the additional filtration ability, this sort of filter may not offer the energetic stream you need for water-hungry applications.

Enormous micron filters, be that as it may, don’t make water consumable because they don’t catch harmful microorganism, however they do permit a vigorous stream.

The AP904 is a fair compromise. It eliminates particles down to five microns, so it’s ideal to use with naturally safe water. Be that as it may, nobody should hang tight for something reasonable when they need it.


Scale Inhibition System

Minerals in water are valuable for the body, however, they can unleash ruin on your attire, dishes, and washroom installations. More regrettable, they can develop over the long run — sticking to pipelines and lessening essential water stream to clothes washers, ice makers and dishwashers.

On the off chance that enough water backs up, it can demolish costly systems like water radiators forever — costing you cash.

In contrast to a water conditioner, the AP904’s scale inhibition framework doesn’t eliminate sound minerals, and it utilizes no salt. It forestalls most limescale by keeping minerals from adhering to metal lines.

In biologically delicate regions where salt-based conditioners are not permitted, the AP904 is the ideal other option


Life Span

The AP904’s steelhead and solid lodging could keep going forever if the cartridge is changed as suggested.

Since substitution filters are a critical piece of the drawn-out cost of keeping a water filter, it’s fundamental to consider the amount they cost and how regularly they should be changed when purchasing.

With a low forthcoming cost and only one cartridge to replace yearly, the Aqua-Pure has one of the most reduced long haul expenses of proprietorship in its group.


Design and Installation

The AP904 is the ideal water filter for anyone as it takes even less than twelve square inches of floor space, unlike the others that take up to 16 square feet.

If you like to do the installation, plumbing work yourself and also have the necessary skills then you can easily install this water filter in a few hours. For a professional, this is an easy and inexpensive job.


Help & Support

The company 3M has been around since 1902, and they keep on making innovative and productive water filters.

This model AP904 comes with an extended warranty so you can buy it without any worries. The steelhead is of great quality and is guaranteed for 25 years.

The rest of the system is covered for almost 12 years. The customer service team present at 3M is responsive knowledgeable and is always ready to help the customers in need.


Final Thoughts

Solving water quality issues are not as hard as people might think them to be. It is a simple problem that is experienced in the majority of the houses.

A problem as simple as this should have a painless and easy solution. You can now drink good tasting healthy water and also protect your appliances at the same time with a single turn-key system — Aqua-Pure’s AP904



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