When it comes to your and your family’s health then you can never be too careful. You can still try to be cautious and do your best to maintain their health.

The main cause for most of the health problems is water. Water can be the carrier of most germs and impurities and they affect humans the most.

You must have heard about a lot of ways you can purify water. Some people like to boil them before using them so all the germs would die, but that is a very hectic solution.

You need something quick and reliable. We recommend using a filter for your sink water. You wouldn’t have to do anything; the water will come out of the faucet purified.

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Benefits of using faucet water filters

We also reviewed best impeccable Kitchen Faucet Water Filters of 2021. You can also check it and there are a bunch of benefits to installing water filters in your home. Some of the main advantages are as follows:

Removal of harmful contaminants & impurities

The job of water filters is to remove any kind of impurities from the water and provide safe and clean water for drinking.

The filter can remove multiple particles like bacteria, lead, dirt, rust and chemicals like chlorine. Some of these contaminants might not pose a threat to a person’s health but they affect the equality of the water.

Some people don’t prefer drinking water that contains these impurities.

The filter can be useful if you use well water. Well, water contains a lot of contaminants but the filter can remove all of them and purify the water.

Every water filter tends to remove some specific contaminants so make sure to see all the details of the water filter before ordering.


Produces great-tasting water

A lot of people prefer drinking bottled water because they find the taste of their home water unpleasant.

There are two contaminants usually found in the water; Sulphur and rust. They are responsible for the unpleasant taste, weird odor and discoloration.

A faucet water filter removes these chemicals and produces clean, pure and good tasting water. If your tap water has these chemicals in it, then you will a drastic change in the taste of the water.


Can choose between filtered and unfiltered water

Some people like to have a choice to choose between filtered and unfiltered water. Suppose if you need water for something other than drinking or cooking then using filtered water would be a waste.

When you are wiping down surfaces or watering the plants, you can just use the standard faucet and use the unfiltered water.

This is the best quality about tap water filters, that they give you the right to choose.


Doesn’t require professional installation

It doesn’t matter if you are skilled mechanically or not. You can ditch the plumber and easily install the water filter yourself.

You would be provided with an in-depth guide and instructions for installing the filter. Most of the filters are already half assembled so you wouldn’t have to worry about that as well. You would only have to install the faucet and connect the cold water pipe with the filter. This doesn’t require any skills.



The fact about faucet water filters that appeal to most of the customers is that they can be stored under the sink.

A countertop water filter can look unappealing and ruin the whole look of the kitchen. While faucet filters are installed under the sink and they can also be mounted for extra space and storage. You will get clean and filtered water while saving a lot of space.




If you see the initial price of a water filter, it does seem costly. But if you compare that price to the cost of buying filtered water bottles in the long term, you’ll realize that water filters are worth every penny.

There is no water wasted in the filtration so your water bills won’t be affected by the filter. Replacement filters are also affordable. You’ll only need one after six months.


Personal to your water filtration tastes

Different faucet water filters have different functions to perform. While most of them remove the contaminants from the water, some filters add calcium and magnesium minerals to the water.

This gives you healthy and tasty water and it also removes acidity. Such a filter is called the remineralization filter. You can look up the filters and check their specification to know which filter fits best with your needs.

If you use the well water, then you can get a filter that would perfectly treat well water for safe consumption.


Things you should consider before buying a faucet filter

Buying a faucet water filter can be a headache and a huge responsibility. You need to make sure that it is the perfect choice for you as it costs quite a lot and it will be used throughout the years. You need to make sure that you are buying the filter that fits your requirements.


Here are some things you should consider before buying a water faucet filter:



The biggest concerning point that affects your decision of choosing a water filter is your budget.

A higher budget may get you a better-specialized water filter with extra features. An expensive filter is also known to last longer and work more efficiently than a cheap one.

You also need to know that an expensive product doesn’t need to be better than the other. Sometimes the manufacturers are well known and they take advantage of it and sell their products at a high price.

You might get a filter with the same specifications but at a lower price.

To know whether the filter is worth its price, you should check online review and comments.


Storage space

A faucet water filter is meant to be stored under the sink space of your kitchen, but still, it is good to make your measurements.

You can take the measurement and get the filters that match your space. Some filters are bigger than the others so if you have small storage space you should consider buying a rather small filter.

The filter should be able to fit your space without overcrowding that area and it should have all the latest features.

You will still store the faucet water filter under the sink even if you want to connect it to the coffee make or the refrigerator. You will need a long pipe to connect them.


Installation and maintenance costs

If you want to install the filter yourself, it won’t be a problem. It is really easy as the filters come with an in-depth instruction manual for installing the faucet water filter.

If it still doesn’t help you then you can easily watch one or two videos online and get the ideal form, there.

If you plan to call the plumber, then it’ll probably be way more expensive as the plumber charges per hour. So it is good to give the installation a go yourself before asking for help from outside.



The perfect faucet water filter should have certification by either NSF International or the WQA. They will prove that the water filter is safe to use and it has all the qualities that are mentioned by the manufacturer.


Your water source

The source of your home’s water will determine the type of filter you need. You can either run a test yourself or ask the local supplier for an annual report.

Through the report, you can know what type of contaminants are found in the water and you can buy a filter that is appropriate for removing those. You can also test the water yourself.

If you use the well water, then you are the only one who can check the water for types of impurities that might be there.

It should be noted that there not many filters that provide the right amount of features to remove the harmful bacteria and microorganisms found in the well water. So you should do your research and choose the right water filter.


Long-lasting filters

All the filters need replacement after a certain time. some of them keep working for longer than usual. You can compare the filters and look for a rather long-lasting filter. This will save you money on the replacement filters.

The filter’s lifespan can be affected by many things like the quality of the water passing through and how much you use the filter regularly.


Durable components

You always search for long-lasting water filters but having the correct quality of faucet components are important as well.

A faucet made of cheap quality components would probably require daily maintenance or replacement but if you buy expensive faucet parts then you have likely had to spend less money on maintenance.

To know if the faucet components are compatible with the filter or not, you should take a look at the reviews or try to meet the level of quality given by the manufacturer.


High-quality faucet

A faucet is one of the main components when it comes to these specific water filters. You need to look for a faucet that not only looks good but works well as well.

it should also be easy to install. Faucets can have different designs and some of them may be fancier than others.

The material of the faucet decides its quality more than the looks. You should buy a faucet made of lead, that will prevent the water from getting re-contaminated.

You should try not to get drawn to the companies who sell designer faucets as them being a designer doesn’t prove that they would be of good quality.


Manufacturer support and product warranty

Everyone hopes that they get the right product online and that there is nothing wrong with it. But if something unexpected happens or you receive a faulty product then you can benefit from the warranty.

It is good to have a warranty with the product as it assures that the faulty product will be exchanged with a good one or guaranteed money back. Warranties can provide peace of mind to the buyer.

Many companies pay special attention to their customers and they make sure that they provide the best customer care whenever their users need it.

It is a good thing to learn about the customer care policies of the manufacturer before purchasing an item



What is water filtration?

Water filtration is the process where the concentration of particles is removed from contaminated water.

These particles can include parasites, germs, bacteria, fungi, algae or any other undesirable chemical contaminants. It is done to produce clean and safe water drinking and other purposes.


How does filtration work?

The process of purifying tap water is not hard at all. If you are aware of how the water reaches your faucet, then you should know that there are two pipes (the hot and the cold ones) under your sink. So whenever you turn the faucet on, water flows from these pipes.


The kitchen faucet water filter is installed in the cold water pipe. It will allow the water from the cold pipe to directly flow from the filter.

The water passes the filter and then comes out of the special faucet that is installed for filtered water.

One thing that you need to understand is that when you use water from the standard cold faucet, the water will bypass the filter.

You will only get filtered water when you use the special faucet that is set for filtered water.

The special faucet works the same as the standard faucet. You wouldn’t have to wait for the water to get filtered and come out. It will come out as soon as you turn on the special faucet.


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