Eddy Electronic Water Descaler Review (2021)

When the metal appliances come in contact with hot water (like in boilers or water heaters) the hardness causing minerals like magnesium and calcium tend to stick to the surface of the appliances. To avoid such a thing from happening, we have the option of descaling. A descaling agent or chemical descaler is a chemical substance (liquid) that is used to remove limescale. Limescale can either be brown or white due to the iron compounds present. It can also occur on glass surfaces. The descaling agent easily and carefully removes the limescale as the ceramics and glass are unreactive to most acids.

The Descaling process can safely and effectively remove:

1. Limescale
2. Calcium
3. Rust
4. Water scale buildup
5. Mud
6. Other non-soluble deposits



Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is a salt-free water softener. You can use it for the whole house.

The descaler emulates soft water but doesn’t need to change the hardness of the water. It also doesn’t remove the hardness-causing minerals from the water.

There is no need for any complex installation or plumbing experience.

You need to install the system of magnets outside the main pipe. It uses an electromagnetic wave to alter the composition and properties of the water hardness causing minerals. This process prevents them from sticking to the surface of the appliances.


The main features of this electronic water conditioner are:
1. Large magnets are installed around the main pipe which produces the magnetic force and alters the minerals like magnesium and calcium.
2. It is a 110-volt system that uses approximately 5 watts.
3. The lifetime warranty is given with a 12-month money-back guarantee.



Eddy conditioner works off electricity. Its working is different from all the other standard salt-based water softeners. Due to this reason, these can be considered more and less reliable than salt-based water softeners.

The cost of electricity may increase a little, but the water doesn’t need to pass through a tank which there is no need to wait for it to regenerate.

There is a debate going on about whether magnetic conditioning systems are as reliable and effective as salt-based water softeners.

Because they don’t remove the hardness-causing minerals like magnesium and calcium. What they simply do is alter the composition of the minerals by using a magnetic force. This prevents them from sticking to the surface of the appliances as limescale.

However, the customer reviews show that there is a noticeable improvement to scale in house appliances like faucet aerators, showerheads, and kitchen sink sprayers.

Although, it is really easy to doubt the working of an electric water softener or conditioner as the minerals are still present in the water. But the science suggests that the Eddy conditioner works.

Installation & Maintenance

One of the biggest advantages of getting an Eddy conditioner is that it does not require any difficult installation or maintenance. There is no actual plumbing required. You would only have to install the magnets around the main pipe.

Along with minimum maintenance, it also requires very little cleaning. The components of the descaler are specifically made to last a lifetime.

The manufacturer offers a lifetime repair and replacement warranty if any damage or accident occurs. In this way, you would know that you are always covered.

System Info

You should be aware of the fact that the Eddy conditioner is not a kind of a water softener, it is a Descaler or a conditioner.

It is not responsible for removing the hardness-causing minerals from the water but it conditions the water that is flowing from the main pipe into your house.

The process is to install magnets around the main water pipe. The magnetic force produced by the magnets will alter the form of calcium and magnesium minerals.

The mineral will stay in the water but this process will prevent the minerals from sticking to the surface of the appliances. In short, water conditioning will let you have the benefits of water hardness while preventing the minerals from forming the limescale in your home.

Pros & Cons

  • It is small and compact.
  • Can be run at a low cost.
  • Does not require any expensive maintenance or cleaning.
  • Can retain the important hard water minerals without limescale.
  • Appropriate for people who are on low-sodium diets.
  • Offers a lifetime warranty.
  • Doesn’t affect the water ph level, which is appreciable by many people.
  • Doesn’t permanently change the outcomes. The minerals will revert to their original form after 24 hours.
  • This will not work on any older pipes that are made out of iron or lead.
  • The guarantee of money-back doesn’t offer a full refund. Amazons restock fee is also taken into account.
  • It Is not appropriate for households that have water hardness of more than 20 GPG.

What is another way of descaling your appliances?

If you want to do the DIY way of descaling your appliances, then pour equal parts of water and vinegar in the appliance until full and let it rest. It is easy but less effective than electronic water softeners.

What is your opinion: Is the vinegar solution better than descaling?

The actual descaling process is the same, it doesn’t matter what thing you are using. Vinegar is the cheaper solution, it is easily available and is affordable for anyone, as compared to the descaler.

Descaler is specially constructed to descale coffee pots and other kitchen utensils. This helps the machine to keep running reliably.

What would happen if you don’t descale your appliances?

If you don’t descale your appliances, then the limescale will keep on building and the appliances will stop working effectively. It can also cause the machine to stop working.

Do electronic water softeners work?

There are two types of water softeners available nowadays. One is the salt-based softener and the other is a salt-free softener.

The salt-based softeners are slow in working and need hours to soften one gallon of water but the salt-free softeners are easy.

It doesn’t require a lot of time and also don’t use a tank. You simply have to install them at the main pipe of your house and soften all the water coming into your house.

There is some debate as to whether the salt-free softeners are effective or not as they don’t remove the hardness-causing minerals but they only alter the composition of the minerals. The minerals still stay in the water.


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